Top 20 

I would like to thank everybody for the increase of streams for songs off of my "Back to Forever" album. 3 of the songs reached the Top 20. Fantastic.

The Guild "LIVE" '73 

By popular demand I've just re-released the album The Guild "LIVE" '73. It is available for streaming and purchase, at all internet digital music stores. Thanks, Rich Lang.

Actual CDs available 

Hey folks, I have actual physical Cds of "Back To Forever" available for purchase for $10.00, FREE shipping. Please call or E-mail .... Ph. 618-233-1803,  E-mail  Or you can send a check to- 

Rich Lang

20 Shady Lane

Belleville,Il 62221        Thanks.

New CD Released 

I've just released my new CD Album "Back To Forever". It is available at all internet digital music stores (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, You Tube, Amazon,etc.) You can check it here on my Music Page. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all.

New record "My Baby Loves Me" 

This is my latest recording. I am going to release an Album CD titled "Back To Forever" which will include 10 of my latest original songs. It will be distributed to all internet music stores and streaming apps. Stay tuned for upcoming release date.

New Recording "Up n Down" 

I just finished recording a new song for my upcoming CD titled "Up n Down". Check it out here on the web site. Let me know what you think.

Kaci Howard promotion 

Kaci Howard has just been promoted to the position of Head of Promotion and Marketing. She has a BA and Masters degrees in business and marking. She has been very successful in her career and is a welcome addition to our growing record label. I look forward to her insight and contribution toward  our success.

Ray Thompkins new release 

SCORE Records has just release a new single called "Your So Mystifyin" featuring Ray Thompkins. The song also features Gary McClain on keyboards, and Rich Lang on everything else. Check it out, I think it's got a great chance to be quite popular.

New Recording "From My Broken Heart" 

I've just finished writing and recording a new tune called "From My Broken Heart". Please check it out on the Music Page and let me know if I should pursue promoting it. Any comments, positive are negative would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Guestbook back on 

Two years ago I had to turn my Guestbook page off because I was getting hundreds of crazy entries from all over the world. I've turned it back on, so feel free to make any comments you would like. Thank you, Rich Lang.