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Rich Lang: News

Last Gig at Shenanigans - October 13, 2016

Lang and McClain will be performing there last show at Shenanigans in Belleville on November 26, 2016. There will not be a show on the last Sat. in October, nor a show on the last Sat. in December. So the last gig for the year will be Nov. 26. I sure hope to see all of you there.

Thanks, Rich Lang

Don't Forget - July 26, 2016

Don't forget, Lang and McClain at Shenannigans in Belleville this Saturday (30th) 9-12. 5.00 cover charge.

Lang and McClain at Shenannigans - June 6, 2016

Lang and McClain are coming back and will start performing at Shenannigans in Belleville on Saturday, July 30th, 9-12. We will play there every last Saturday of every month through the year. Not the 4th Saturday, as previously stated.
Gary and I are excited to play again and it should be great fun. See ya all there.

Lang and McClain Round 3 - May 28, 2016

Lang and McClain will start performing again in July. We have decided to make it the 4th Saturday of every month, at Shenanigans, on west main street in Belleville, Il. We've got quite a few new songs, as well as some tried and true classics. It has been 18 years  (holy cow) since our last performance. Come on out and let's start a new tradition.

Lang and McClain - April 10, 2016

It looks like Lang and McClain should be ready to start performing in June. The exact date and place has not been decided yet. I should know in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Guild performances put on hold - April 10, 2016

Any future Guild performances have been put on hold. My brother Jim and I, after further thought, feel that it would take way too much effort and coordination too pull it off and realistically maintain our standards. Jim, as many of you know, lives in Houma Louisiana (way too far away). Gary McClain, Don Biver, and I, though, are always willing to join in on any musical production with a few songs. Thanks again for all your interest.

HELP! Where to play? - March 7, 2016

The Guild, featuring..  Rich Lang, Gary McClain, Jim Lang, Bill Ulkus, Don Biver, would like to put on a couple of Shows this summer. Perhaps late June, and early August. I need everyone's input as to where to hold these performances. Please chime in with some suggestions. One show would be held up north in the Benld/Staunton area, the other in the Belleville area. Keep in mind the place needs to hold a lot of people, and have a big bar. Please let me know what you all think.  Thanks,

Rich Lang

Lang & McClain ---- Again - February 27, 2016

Gary McClain and Rich Lang have decided to reform there very successful duo. From 1988 to 1998 this duo performed on a weekly basis through out the Midwest, especially the St.Louis and Metro East areas. These two guys have played together for over 42 years, starting with the Guild back in 1974. Stay tuned for the date of there 1st show.

Merry Christmas - December 9, 2015

I just want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas this year.  May your season be filled with peace and joy.

May God Bless You All

Rich Lang

Hold On - September 16, 2015

The trio, Lang And McClain featuring Virginia Williams, has been put on hold. Busy lives (daughter Kaci getting married, Malt Shop cruise)and a lack of motivation is the culprit. I'll keep you all informed as to when things change. Later,

Rich Lang

New Trio - April 12, 2015

Well it's time to kick off the dust and get back into the swing of things. Gary McClain, Virginia Williams, and I(Rich Lang) have decided to put a trio together and start performing again. We will start putting a song list together, and rehearsing this week. I suppose we will call this trio "Lang And McClain" featuring Virginia Williams. If any of you have other suggestions please let me know.  Thanks for checking in, and we'll see you later.

Happy New Year - December 31, 2014

I'm wishing a "Happy New Year" to each and every one that visits this web site. Thank you, and I hope you all have a very prosperous new year. 

Rich Lang

Hey Guild fans - November 30, 2014

Just a reminder. At the Moondog Show Saturday many people asked about how they could get some old Guild music. You can get The Guild live '73 album on iTunes, or any internet music site. Also available are Gretchen Wilson songs, and Greg Guidry songs. Check them out on my Music Page, here on the site.

Great Time, Moondogs say thanks - November 30, 2014

I would like to thank each and everyone who came to the Moondog Show last Saturday at the Bel-Air bowl. The band and I really enjoyed performing again down in the basement at the old Panorama. It brought back many wonderful memories. It was a great turn out, and I hope you all had just as great a time.

Moondog Show reminder - November 4, 2014

More than likely the last Moondog performance will be November 29th at the Bel-Air bowl in Belleville, IL. 8pm-11pm, $20.00 at the door. The Moondog Show is reconstruction of the roots of Rock n Roll. The Moondogs feature the talents of Tom Calhoun, the voice of the St. Louis Blues, who will portray DJ Alan Freed. Also performing are Rich and Jim Lang (The Guild), John Goodwin (Walter Scott and The Guise), Gary McClain (The Guild), Joe Truttman (Full Moon Consort) and Virginia Williams (lead singer, USAF Band, for 15yrs. There will also be a "Twist" contest and a "Hula Hoop" contest. Unlike the first show at Lindenwood University, there will be tables for eight, and a cash bar serving your favorite beverages. It all sounds like a great night of fun, and dancing. I hope to see you there.         


Greg Guidry "The Demo Years available now - October 20, 2014

SCORE Records new release of Greg Guidry "The Demo Years" is available now on iTunes and all other internet music stores. You can listen to any or all of the 19 songs, here on this web site. Check them out on the MUSIC PAGE under Greg Guidry.

New old Guild song - October 13, 2014

I just found an old song recorded by The Guild in 1968 or 1969. It featured Greg Guidry on lead vocals. It's called "Good Time Tonight". Check it out in the Music Page under The Guild in the studio.

SCORE Records releases Greg Guidry "The Demo Years" - October 13, 2014

SCORE Records has just released a new album of Greg Guidry demos from 1975-1982. These songs were recorded, engineered, arranged, and produced by Rich Lang. Rich played the drums, bass, and all guitars as well. Four of the songs were sung by his sister Sandy. All background vocals were by sisters Sandy, Kathy, and Greg. Greg was one of my dearest friends and co-harts. He departed us way too soon in 2003 after having much success, especially in 1982 with his top 10 hit "Goin' Down". He was a fantastic writer, and I hope you all get much pleasure listening to some of his earliest work.

All of these songs will soon be available on iTunes, and all other online music stores.

One More Moondog Show - October 7, 2014

The Moondogs have decided to put on one more Moondog show with Tom Calhoun as Allan Freed the original Rock n Roll DJ. It will be Saturday November 29th in Belleville Il. at the Bel-Air Bowl (Panarama) down in the banquet room. There will also be a Twist contest, and a Hula Hoop contest for cash prizes. I will give more details later , so check back.

Thank You All - September 22, 2014

Many thanks to all who were at the Belleville, Il Bi-Centenial on Saturday. The crowd was tremendous, and the response was terrific. There may be another Moondog Show coming in November. We are shooting for the 29th, the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. The location will likely be the basement at the Bel-Air Bowl (old Panorama).  Check back for details.  Thanks again, Rich Lang.

Moondogs at the Belleville Bi-Centenial Sept. 20th. - August 19, 2014

The Moondogs will be performing at the Belleville Bi-Centenial on Saturday, September 20th, 2014, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. You don't want to miss this show, as we do not perform very often. This show will be the same as the one we put on at Lindenwood University back on June 7th. We had over 500 people show up, but I still talk to people who could not make it, and wish they had.

New Gretchen Wilson Songs - July 17, 2014

Hey Gretchen fans. I've just released four new, old recordings featuring Gretchen Wilson. They are "Sweet Dreams", "Lookin' Like That", "Sunday Kind Of Love", and "My Heart's Not Yours To Break". All four of these tunes were recorded when she was only 19 years old. The first 3 were recorded in my studio, and the 4th "My Heart's Not Yours To Break" was recorded in Nashville, TN, the first time I took her down there. Check em out on the Music Page.

Moondog Pictures - July 2, 2014

I've just uploaded several pictures from the Moondog show from June 7th, 2014 at Lindenwood U. in Belleville. Click on the PHOTOS page and take a look.

Moondog Show Success - June 8, 2014

The Moondog Show Last night (June 7th) was a fantastic success. Many thanks to all the folks that attended who made it an unforgettable event. Hopefully we can get together again for another performance. It was an absolute pleasure for us in the band. I personally would like to thank Tom Calhoun for his fine performance portraying Allan Freed.  I will post any upcoming performance dates.

Rich Lang

Moondog Show June 7th - June 2, 2014

The Moondog Show at Lindenwood University, Belleville is almost here. This coming Saturday, June 7th, from 7 pm to 9pm at Lindenwood U. in Belleville Il. the Moondog show, featuring Tom Calhoun as Allan Freed, and The Moondog Band consisting of Rich Lang, Jim Lang, Gary McClain, John Goodwin, Joe Truttman, and the delightfull Virginia Williams will be happening. Tickets are 20.00 at the door, or call Lindenwood U. Belleville, for advanced sales. It looks to be quite a show and you don"t want to miss it.

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