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Rich Lang: Guestbook

Kim Codo

February 21, 2010

Hi Rich,

I'm a musician from Ottawa, Il. and just downloaded The Guild "Live"
tracks from your site. I never thought I'd be able to hear the band
again and I can't begin to explain how good it feels listening to
these tunes! I still believe that the calibre of musicianship and the
quality of your live performances made The Guild, truly, one of the
very best bands I've EVER heard, and I've heard a lot.

My questions are: 1. Who wrote "Are You Old Enough"? 2. Do you have
any complete studio recordings (from the clips) that you can release?

I know that Tom Kelly and Denny Henson went on to Fools Gold and that
Tom has co-written some hits over the years, but none of that has ever
captured my interest and admiration like The Guild. I just had to
tell you how much I enjoyed the band and thank you for putting these
tracks out there so I could experience a llittle of that again!

Kim Codo

p.s.- Always loved your guitar sound with that SG!

Ted Collins

February 10, 2010

Great pics added of The Guild. Thanks.

Ted Collins

February 8, 2010

Glad I found site. The Guild played at an after prom party when I was in High School and I used to go listen in Carbondale while in college. We had some good times.

Steve Hutchison

January 19, 2010

Thanks to youtube, after all these years, I have found you guys. The memories from Benld at the Coliseum are priceless ...... you guys rocked the world. You also played our Winter Formal at Hillsboro High School probably Feb. of 68. Absolutely unbelievable!

Thanks for the memories!

Dave Ryan

January 2, 2010

We never met but I danced and drank to a lot of your performance in Benld, at the State Fair, Chance R and lots of other places. It's great to see you are still in the music business. I will be buying some of your stuff on-line. You guys were always GREAT!

Mike Bevington

January 1, 2010

An old old fan from the Thursday night Collinsville Park Ballroom crowd. I was very glad to find your site and just bought the set of live Guild recordings. I also happened upon the two Guild YouTube videos from the 2001 concert, very cool to see.

Best of luck to you in 2010..

Denny Lang

December 19, 2009

Thanks for sending me the "Guild" cd a few months ago, still just can't stop listening to it.

T.J. Norrenberns

December 17, 2009

Rich, I really like the new Christmas song !

Fran Moss

October 30, 2009

How neat that I know a real, live, still-making-music musician! Sorry I missed you two when you came to visit Jim and Mary. Hope to see you next time.

Steve Kimball

October 18, 2009

Again, thanks Rich for the high-quality Guild CD. It's really a "blast from the past." Man, what a band--a true masterpiece in music.

Lee Wasitis

October 15, 2009

Yo rich you'd the man.

Brian Ransom

October 13, 2009

Wonderful job, Rich. All you needed was a little inspiration, a nudge to give it a try
and renewed faith in yourself and the quality of your body of work. It's a true
pleasure to be your friend (and, of course, Cathy's, Jay's, John's and Jim's). and to
have been able to give you the little help I did. It's all about you Bob.

Rita Habermehl Hargett

October 8, 2009

good luck to you

James Stoneking

October 5, 2009

Good luck with the new studio and web page. I added a link in the MusicianLinks on my SkyReport web page.

Jason Lang

September 29, 2009

I love you dad.
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