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Rich Lang: Guestbook

Bart Wills

February 19, 2018

Being from Champaign I've always liked REO, however, The Guild were my Favorites! I remember The GUILD played with REO at UofI's Auditorium after REO II had been released and My Memory had You Owning that Night! I see some Guild Video's on You-Tube and The Moon Dogs!!!! Great Stuff!

John Dietrich

July 31, 2016

It was great seeing you and Gary play last night. We didn't get to stay through the second set, but loved all that we heard. Soul Shake and Peptalk took me back to CV Ballroom! I'm bringing my wife back on Aug. 27.

Marty Bartz

March 8, 2016

Let us know when you guys get the show back on the road

Diane Twardoski

December 19, 2015

It was very nice to meet you tonight. I have heard about you for years. I love the Christmas song

John Dietrich

October 22, 2015

Rich, at our ages I certainly understand lack of motivation, but I really hope you can get back to performing live. I will keep checking here at your website. I can assure you there are a lot of Guild fans from the past that would support you. When I learned earlier today of the death of Cory Wells of Three Dog Night, I was reminded of The Guild performing "It's For You" at Bonaparte's in Carbondale! RIP Cory.

Patty Millikin Furkin

October 13, 2015

I have always been a Guild groupie, thanks to an older sister of mine that followed you all everywhere and let me tag along..... oops, did I mention that she FINALLY got her mitts on your brother and was married to him for a bit? I've still got a Guild video (it's so old it's on VCR tape), and all the music by them and the Rising Suns that I can find. I would love to find a copy of you all singing some Three Dog Night, it's on the video but I can't listen to that in the car!

Dan O'Neal

July 19, 2015

Hi Rich,

I doubt you remember ever meeting me, I was a longtime soundman for Street Corner Symphony from 1981 until 1998, and before then worked with Griffin and Domino.

Anyway...just found thorough browsing this site.. :

Had always heard (before my time) about the 'great' Guild. I listened to the Beach Boys Medly you guys did back in 1973 and was TRUELY freak'n blown away. I now know why you guys were considered legends from many I worked with though the many years I lived in St Lou. The recording (even though live) still impressive, especially considering the technology at that time, the playing was spot on, but what really blew me away was the vocal harmonies you guys pulled off. Pardon my French, but simply fucking incredible. I could not believe my ears and even more incredible is that is was live IN 1973 at the Collinsville Park Ballroom! BTW, worked there many time myself, but many years later!

Anyway...wanted to give you guys the kudos I never gave you before upon meeting you. After listening to that 1973 performance, feel so sorry for not providing the respect you deserved when I did meet you. I thought I was blessed to have worked with some of the best, but again...After hearing what I never had the opportunity to have heard before, you guys are/were the kings of St Lou. That Beach Boys medley actually brought tears to my eyes, simply incredible. even the Beach Boys would surely admit (even in the studio) couldn't have made the vocals sound as good as you guys did!

Dan O'Neal
Orlando Fl 2015


June 18, 2015

Great web website! It looks really professional!
Keep up the great job!

Hal and Elaine Butler

May 21, 2015

This is Hal and Elaine, we found you. We are still married, I guess the dress was lucky. We have 4 daughters and live in Memphis.

Gene Anderson

May 15, 2015

Hey Rich. Back in the mid sixties I played keyboard with the Frantics. It's been a long time ago but I remember playing at "Traveling Shindigs" for Nick Charles along with the Del Rays. CK&L of I and Collinsville Park Ballroom. I still have my 45 of "Don't Let Her Be Your Baby". Had a lot of great memories from those days.

Phil Leone

March 7, 2015

Always nice to revisit your site. Brings back so many good memories. You sounded great at Lindenwood...
Thanks for all the GREAT memories from the Park and Benld....

Rick Philippi

February 23, 2015

Every Saturday night I could not wait to hit the road and head to Benld to hear The Guild. By far one of the best bands I ever heard. This was back in the early 70's.!! What a fantastic time to be young!!

karen messick

February 22, 2015

I wrote earlier, and have found my The Guild 45. On side is "What Am I Gonna Do" and the other side is "Good Christian Cowboy"! Made my day!!

karen messick

February 22, 2015

Loved listening to The Guild at the YMCA in Granite City. Also Colliseum in Benld. Won a copy of the 45 "What Am I Gonna Do" from a radio station when I was attending EIU. Wish I knew what I did with it! Lots of good memories and good music!

Sue Camp

December 1, 2014

Shout out to a former Guild member from a fan in Bloomington, IL. You guys were the best at The Red Lion. Also saw you at the state fair, ISU Spring Fest, and Benld. I have some great photos of the band et al from that era....1970-ish. Fun times. Keep the good time rollin'

Randy Ray

November 18, 2014

The Guild. What a blast from the past. My favorite band to see at Pitstick Pavillion (Ottawa, IL) back in the early 70's. Great to find these pages.

Tim "Ray Charles, Joe Cocker" Johnson

November 2, 2014

Hey Rich, it's been a long time since you ad I sang, "It's Crying Time Again" to a gu named Dan Malin. He was pissed and we almost got the crap beat out of us. Didn't know you were related to Greg Tyler. Greg and I are play a lot of golf together and have been friends for a long time. I want to stop by to say hi, this week. Let me know what day would be okay. Look forward to seeing you again Rich. Our old friend Butch is not doing well, talk about him when I see you buddy.

John Dietrich

September 6, 2014

The Beach Boys will be playing in Belleville the weekend of 9/19. I wonder if they know that a local group from the 60'/70's played their hits better than could ever hope to play them!

Christy (Meisenheimer) Santel

June 1, 2014

WOW! I first heard The Guild at the Coliseum Ballroom in Benld in early May of 1975. I fell in love with your music that night and would be there with my girlfriends every Saturday night. We followed you through the mid 80's. I got to come to the reunion at Panarama in the early 90's. You guys have and always will be the best band ever in my book.

Ramey Baker

May 13, 2014

The Del Rays were the first live group I ever heard . I asked one of the guys if they made money playing ..He said yes. At the time, I was 14 and a half working part time baling hay . Playing looked much easier than bailing hay so I bought a guitar and a couple years later played at Collinsville Park . The band was The Herde..we later bought The Del Rays old home made trailer from them ..We kept it many years ..Those were the days....Ramey

Stephen M. McMullen

April 8, 2014

Collinsville Park Ballroom on any Thursday night. Great covers all night long. Two bars, rickety tables and chairs, wood floor....The Guild.....with Mellotron....great singing,....great instrumentation.........great dancing.....great times.....capped off by Thunderclap Newman's "We've got to get it all together" while we all joined hands and dancing around the club in a huge revolving circle, knocking over tables, chairs, beer one had it BETTER!!!

Dan Hartley

April 6, 2014

Hi Rich, So many great memories at Taro's (The Coliseum)!! Just curious if you have recordings of The Guild doing "Pappa Was A Rollin' Stone"; "1985"; and/or "Drunk, Up On the Sidewalk" (Pep Talk.....??)......... I never did know the name? I think it was one of the songs Tom wrote in the early 70's.

I would really enjoy any extra recordings of The Guild that aren't on your website, which you might be willing to sell! I had such a great time at the concert you guys did at the Holiday Inn East in Springfield, IL when you "backed-up" the Raspberries (around 1973). I personally enjoyed you guys 100 x's better :-)

randy martin

March 9, 2014

the guild....the best rock band while at illinois state u. this was great to hear them again so many years later!!!

Jim Effinger

February 25, 2014

Hi Rich,
I used to go to the Collinsville Park Ballroom every Thursday from St. Louis, and I would bring a carload of friends with me every time! Loved you guys and your music !
Wore out my 45 of Good Christian Cowboy and What am I Gonna Do... years ago!!! .
One of the guys I drug over there on Thursday emailed me about your site.....Wow brings back tons of great memories.
Thanks for all you and the guys did for us musically back then and glad to see your still at it!!!

Gary Cobb

January 15, 2014

Rich, I remember The you and The Guild from the Collinsville Park Ballroom. I've been rememniscing with Dale Martin Herr here in Nashville. Know him?

Patty Schmeder

November 8, 2013

Great web page. We so enjoyed the music. Thank you for sharing.

spencer steele

November 8, 2013

Always loved your music.

larry cortner

September 21, 2013

A long time admirer of the guild.You guys were mentors to many musicians in this area, you set the standard for what a band should be . And there were so many great bands around this area because of you guys.Thank you. larry cortner

"Mobil" Holmes

September 19, 2013

Hi Rich. You won't remember me but I was a roadie in Kaleidoscope. I met you briefly at your apartment in Belleville one night after a Kaleid0-gig. Thom Bowles and Jon Ubben wanted to stop by. So cool to read about your successes. Take care, Mobil

Jerry & Diana Broadwater (Linda Stegelmeyer's sister)

May 11, 2013

You sound great. Enjoyed your site and brought back good memories.

Do you know what happened to Denny Henson?

Time goes by so swiftly.

Peace and Blessings to you and yours
Jerry & Diana Broadwater

Dave Trueblood

April 28, 2013

I watched you perform many times at "The Morgue" in Decatur, Illinois. It was especially cool when you and Tammy did your trio songs like, Summertime Blues: by the Blue Cheer. Inspired me to become a guitar player. Thaks, Dave

Reid Pettit

March 12, 2013

Hello Rich,

We have never met but I just wanted you to know that your website has brought me back in touch with some of my best memories. I was at the U of I from ‘68 to ‘72 and attended many of your performances at Chances R. It was an event when The Guild came to town!
You guys also played at one of our fraternity’s major dances one year. I believe you were there on the same night that the Rolling Stones played at Assembly Hall (November 15, 1969). If memory serves me correctly, I watched the Stones through two songs and went back to the House and spent the rest of the night watching and dancing to the Guild. The Guild was the best (and most fun) band I ever saw.
I am thrilled that you are still very much involved in music and I love the Guild songs I was able to download off of your site. Thanks a million for terrific times and memories.

Reid Pettit
Pontiac, Illinois

Rhonda Seders Greatting

December 24, 2012

Love it Matthew!!!! Hope you go far

Brooke Cowell

December 21, 2012

Listened to Matt Autry and I liked it! Keep on keeping on! Good stuff.

Mandy Heinemann

December 17, 2012

Great songs!

John dietrich

December 16, 2012

I was surfing around on YouTube and came across this Louis Prima song that The Guild did so well. I hope it is okay to put the link here.

this was the type of stuff that has the memories alive for forty plus years....

sheila bishop nowicki

December 4, 2012

my father had collinsville park ballroom. boy do I remember the guild on thursday nite. I was in Hollywood and ran into Denny H. and Tom Kelly. talk about a shock.Good to c your still on top. my father was Geneo aka Gene Emery

Juan Valdez

November 22, 2012

Just heard "Crazy" by Matthew Autry and loved it! Can't wait to hear more, great work!!

Debbie Marks

November 20, 2012

Love the song crazy! wow!

Kristy Minatto

November 19, 2012

Just listened to the clip for "Crazy" thought it was awesome!!!!!

Billy Drew

November 11, 2012

We opened for The Guild at CP many times for the $50.
Usually in a band called Winthrop. I personally enjoyed playing that funky Hammond.
My favorite fans moments included the Kickapoo Creek festival, opening for Shanana, and don't forget the Granite City YMCA ..! Now in Chatsworth, California i miss that soulful metro-east sound ... thank's for the great sounds and good times! doo .. do,do,do

Bob Brown

October 25, 2012

what was the closing song the Guild played at Collinsville Park?

Phil Guedan

August 27, 2012

Truly the best midwest band ever....should be playing around Europe.....
would love for the old guild to all get back together and do thangs

Kim Council Rapoff

August 19, 2012

from east st Louis. Grew up in the Parker neighborhood. Home base was Panorama and Collinsville Park. Really feels like home when I think about the Guild. Dated Jim Olanak in college. He said he was your cousin. Whatever., those were the days.

John Dietrich

August 4, 2012

I was just noodling around on YouTube and came across a video of Joe cocker singing Space Captain, and I immediately thought of The Guild's version. I think the bass player sang it, as well as Stoney End. What was his name? Jeez, I miss those days!

Julie McHugh

July 31, 2012

Rich, I am Brian's sister, Julie, who hosted his celebration on Saturday. I didn't get to meet you on Saturday. I thought I would let you know that Brian talked about you a lot and I regret not having a chance to talk to you. I know you meant a lot to Brian and would like to talk to you. If you would like to call, my number is 235-7572 or 806-7582.

Lori Boetta McAllister

July 20, 2012

Loved Saturday nites at Tarro's! What a find to see you on here and hear the music of my memories!

Janet Linck Reeves

June 15, 2012

Love the site Rich! Thanks Sky!

Ronald Kerst

May 13, 2012 glad I found your site, I am Ron Kerst, I was the drummer with Plush back in the 70's .We opened for you guys many times and John Barack was our Mgr too.
What ever happened to Terry your Drummer ? We enjoyed ever moment playing in front of The Guild.
I have a hit song going in Iceland called," I Believe In Angels" it was performed by Sigrun Vala of Iceland, and My Co-writer, was Halldor Gudjonsson.
Glad to be here.

Michael DeRousse

April 7, 2012

Your retetoire is incomplete!! Specifically, where's "Frog on the Log" and other great old standards???????

Dave Ryan

February 24, 2012

Rich we used to travel all over IL to hear The Guild - the state fair, Benld, Collinsvile you guys were fab. I can still remember seeing the stage shake when you guys would open with Soul Shake.

It look like life has been good to you. Keep making the music!

The internet is great for connecting!

mike ray

February 19, 2012

Rich Lang I was a fan of the guild back in the day. I.m acollinsville native. My father was the fire chief in town a sad day when the collinsville park burned down. Any chance the guild is still playing a class reunion for CHS Class of 70 is coming up and wondering if there is a chance of a performance in collinsville. Just asking. But thanks for the memories and great music. Mike Ray Class of 70 President

janice nowlan

January 19, 2012

I am really interested in the Guild cd you did and the newest one you are planning on doing. Please let me know when they will be available. I spent many a Saturday night at the Collisium Ball Room in Benld rocking to The Guild. Brings back lots of memories. Some good and some not so much. I guess you can relate to that.
Best of luck on the CD's


January 4, 2012

Hey bro just stopped by to say you , and your brother will always be kings in my book ,
the collinsville park , killers , happy this new year and a lot more my friend , i always did and always will love your music dude

MARK McWhorter

December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!! Wishing you and your family a great holiday season. As a chicago cub fan my early christmas present was Albert Pujols leaving the cardinals. Love the new song!!! Keep writing and singing. We are hoping to get down there after the first of the year to see the greybeards, so keep posting your bookings! Rock On Rich !!!!!

Evangelist Charlotte Riggs

November 12, 2011

hey remember little ole me from Collinsville? Pics on facebook. God bless you guys and glad you made things happen for you

Philip (Mic) Leone

November 12, 2011

Had so many fun times at Collinsville Park. I ran the sound for a local band Medusa. We would play before The Guild now and then and then off to Rich Langs house or Danny Cox & John Skubish's always a good time... What ever happend to old Joe Roy Day ?? The Guilds sound man for years :) Got The Guilds live CD a good while back. It is a great CD and brings back so many fine memories

Denis Wier

November 5, 2011

Thanks and looking forward to doin more tunes
ps Lisa just loves the tune we did for her and that it is the opening song on your site

Larry Moser

October 14, 2011

I like your site Rich. I lived across the street from Barney Biver as a kid in Mascoutah when you guys used to practice there in the mid 60s. The experience must have rubbed off cause I've been playing guitar, singing and performing since 74. I live in Lake Havasu AZ now and have a cover band called MOJO (MOJO havasu) on youtube. Nice to read about your experiences and thanks for your inspiration.

Brenda Ogden

October 11, 2011

I truly miss the band, yet glad my daughter found this site.

Tom Seib

August 31, 2011

Rich! Want to buy a Guild Live CD to give to Billy for Christmas. Drop me an e-mail to letme know the best way to get this done! Thanks and send Jim and the guys all the best. Some day I still want to fulfill my fantasy of being in the horn section of The Guild!!

Jake Gutzler

August 23, 2011

Hi Rich!! Stopped by to hi. I forgot about "The Salad Song"...what a classic. The site sounds and looks great!!

Connie Michelich

August 5, 2011

Hi Rich -
I have searched for years, truly, YEARS for The Guild. Ironically, because of the Coliseum Ballroom fire, I searched again and there you were!!
The Guild at the Coliseum was the best - a whole new world for a teenager in the early 70s. The love of your music and wonderful memories have always been with me. I am so glad you are no longer just a memory and that I get to relive the magic every time I play The Guild! After hearing several songs, you guys were just as great as I remembered and some songs even better than I remembered - that says a lot!
The Beach Boy medley - OMG you guys nailed it!
I am a truly grateful and happy Guild fan. Thank you!
PS I am spreading the word to my Facebook fans.

De nny Wier

July 22, 2011

Really impressed with your new studio and quality of the sound


July 7, 2011

Rich , It's Wilki from the Rold Gold days.
You played at My wedding reception as Lang and Mclain .
I have actually slept on the upstairs bedroom floor at your parents home in Mascuta
I think Bill Prose turned me on to your site, just got around to checking it out. I logged on and heard "Sidewalk Pep Talk" playing , WOW brought back memories.
Tell Jimmy , The Mac and John I said Hello

Sherry Hoffman

June 11, 2011

Always a fan! I have great memories of hearing the Guild. I loved Easy Evil and Papa was a Rolling Stone. You guys were great entertainment..

M Teresa Clayton

June 10, 2011

Author/Poet/Lyricist Retired from Resolutions - Counselor/Life Strategist

Once an avid fan of THE GUILD!

Often thought to be certifiably crazy - now embraces the insanity and channels it into writing...

I still think about all of the guys back in the old days.. wonder what happened to everyone. Found this page and thought I'd just say hello.

Ray Thompkins Jr.

May 25, 2011

Great looking site Rich. I'm glad you're still doing it. To not do it when you still can is a criminal act. We had some great creative moments and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Let the music live forever.


Steve Kish

May 15, 2011

You knew my older brothers in the 60's, Jerry and Denny. I play bass and sing.

Steve Kimball

April 18, 2011

Hey, Rich! Good to hear ya playin' again!

I was looking back on the days of the original Guild, 1968--1970. That too was a formidable rendition with a fantastic song list.

A walk down memory lane, from the early guild song list, as my 61-year-old memory provides!

It's for you (Three Dog Night)
Hot Smoke and Sassafras (The Bubble Buppy)
Summertime Blues (Blue Cheer)
Get Back (Beatles)
She Came in Through the Backroom Window (Beatles)
Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
You Made Me so Very happy (Blood Sweat and Tears)
Chicago Medley
Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)
Can't Turn you Loose (Chamber Bros.)
Summertime (Instrumental solo played by yours truly at Panorama, 1969, when I was a wild-eyed 19-year old)
People Get Ready (Spiritual)
Raisin Cake (Bill Ulkus)
Proud Mary (sung by Tami)
I'll Just Keep Sittin' Here Lovin' You (Not sure of the title) ( sung by you)

Allen Artimisi has a recording of the guild, that he made live at the Collinsville Park Ballroom, 1970. It was pretty good--real-to-real TEAC, I believe. If interested, let me know and I'll contact him or give you his phone number.

Looking forward to the "new" Guild studio CD!

Take care, and say hi to Jim for me!


Brian Siever

March 28, 2011

This is great Rich. It takes me back to the good old carefee days. In the summer of 68 I went to your house on Church street. We played some guitar and then some whiffle ball. Then we went swimming at the quarry. You asked me what I was going to do that summer. I said "play softball I guess." I asked you what you were going to do and you said "drink beer and barbque." Those were the days. I will look you up this summer when we escape the Phoenix heat. PS Is that your Hagstrum?

Mark McWhorter

March 16, 2011

Love the site Rich !!!! As a drummer who played a few of the same venues years ago, but more the Chicago area, let me tell and the Guild were the Gold Star we all wanted to be but never matched. Your vocals and live stage compositions were unmatched. But honestly Rich............should not that be a CUBS pennant instead of a Cardinals ?


March 12, 2011


jukebox johnnie

March 10, 2011

cant wait til you get back and for Graybeards next gig ...a week from tomorrow...we need more gray on stage!! have a safe trip home and ill talk to you soon......juke

Janice & Flip McGovern Collinsville

March 8, 2011

Hi Rich, I really enjoyed looking at your website and hearing a bit of Sidewalk Peptalk again!
We are starting a new band and our drummer (who is a little younger than us) saw my tribute to Collinsville Park Ballroom on the wall with a photo of the Del Rays on it and asked who are the Del rays?? I then when into a long explanation for him!

Garry Clark

March 7, 2011

Hi, Rich.
Someone who was at the Mascoutah reunion a while back gave me this site info. It was fun to read your bio, and see my judgement in good rock supported by the facts. It is good to see that someone from the old school didn't go military or corporate or medical or some other b.s. track, and actually contributed to the needs of Humanity.

The last time I saw you was at the Collinsville venue in 75 or 76(?) when Don and I were either stopping by to have our pot-hauler washed-------or it might have been when we came through when Nick Walsh picked us up after a bust in Indiana. The show was stellar, and I expected to see the band in the news of the future.

thanks for the music.

randy shanks

March 2, 2011

good tunes,I will have to look for more of your work out there.

Rich Wilson

February 6, 2011

What a treat! I've been looking for Guild info/music for quite a while -- love photos and music. I have fond memories from the Roundhouse in Wood River. I still enjoy telling people that the best band I ever heard was, of course, the Guild.

Mark Lindow

January 10, 2011

Hi Rich,
I remember the Del Ray days!
I played the area with Terry Peters, Steve Winter, Larry and Doug Phillips, Tom Presley, Ed Jenny, and many others.

Brad Meyer

December 16, 2010

I tended bar at "Chances R" for three years or so -- The Guild was one of my favorite bands and a nice counter-point to REO Speedwagon. Just stumbled onto this site and I'm looking forward to downloading some music for my archives. Good times at the U of I and C-U...and The Guild was certainly part of it. Love your rendition of "It's For You"... would be very cool if that were to be available....

Brad Schroeder

December 13, 2010

Found this site through a link on a site about the Coliseum Ballroom. I can't tell you how many times I saw the Guild there. That where I learned all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Thanks for that. The big circle at the end of the night to "Nineteen hundred and eighty-five". Some of the best times of my life. We even had "The New Guild" at a homecoming dance. Great site. Hope to see you perform again.

Steven Provance

September 17, 2010

The Guild was one of my favorite bands back in the early 70's. I atteneded EIU and made many, many trips to Chances R to see the Guild group. You guys were AWESOME!!!! Even today, I tell others how great the Guild sounded....especially your Beach Boys medley & your version of I Believe.



September 16, 2010

Hey Richard Looks like you are doing great. It was great to see pics of you and your family, I am doing great. I am a grandma it is awesome. Take care

Donna Marie Moody

September 16, 2010

This is Donna Marie from Harry's East trying to contact you for recording assistance and possible management too.


September 3, 2010

I still remember attending a free concert around 1972 at one of the U of I student halls in Urbana. The Guild played first, and everyone loved the their music. Another band played second and a lot of people got up and walked out when they started playing. Their name was REO Speedwagon and Kevin had an attitude. (They've always been REO Spudwagon to me) The Guild obviously had more musical talent.

John Dietrich

August 27, 2010

I need Rich or one of the other posters to settle a debate I am having with an old friend: Did The Guild early on do The AmboyDukes "Journey to the Center of the Mind"? I seem to remember hearing them sing that at Bonaparte's Retreat in Carbondale c.1969...

Dan Shipp

August 24, 2010

Rich, Denny Henson and I were good friends in high school & played hundreds of baseball games together.

I saw you guys many times as the Del-Rays and The Guild. Those were great days. I currently exchange emails with Denny and his wife Susan. Would love to hear from you on occassion.

Dan Shipp

Cassandra Lang

August 21, 2010

I'm so proud of you Dad!!

john olack

August 17, 2010

Richie! Good looking website! Thanks for the mammaries ... oops ... memories. Sorry, but you know me enough to realize I couldn't pass that one up! Quick note, chances are everyone is already onto this, but I got a few phone calls the night John Lennon was shot ... everyone was so sad, it was all so brutal and such a heartbreak ... but then the news the next day that Collinsville Park Ballroom burned down the same night. The whole thing was almost too much to take in one bite. Hope to see all you Langs September 18th. All the best, the Olacks

Randy Allen

June 19, 2010

Hey Rich,
I know you wont remember me but I carry many fond memories of you guys rockin at the park.. I worked there when Gene Emery and Pete were running the Joint My mom Dottie worked the back bar with Rex and Larry Ripka.. and I was that runnnin crazy bar boy...You guys always made it easy to work listening to you play ..Thanks for the memories and good luck in all you do . Randy

terry cossano

June 10, 2010

hey rich ,probabnly dont rememeber me,but i was friends with barneyandphyllis back in the day.

Scott "The Scully 280" Davis

June 7, 2010

Hey Rich! I just googled your name and got this!! Pretty cool. Is "real good time" recorded on your MCI? I want to hear that machine! Thanks for the Scully. I feel like have have blessed to be the caretaker of it and have big plans for it. I use Linux/Ardour now. It replaces protools. Take care Rich!

Terry (Hinkle) Gourneau

May 27, 2010

Hi Rich - WOW last time I saw you was at Mr. A's Disco in Belleville back in maybe 78 or 79! We went to HS together at MCHS. Glad to see you are doing well and looks like life has been good to you.

David Weliever

May 21, 2010

Hey--I am the youngest brother of the 4 brothers that owned the Sherwood country club in Indy. My brother Tom is the guy that booked you guys. Someone has started a "fans of the sherwood country club" page. You might find it to be interesting .

Wanda Morrow-Clevenger

May 21, 2010

Wow, this brings back memories of every Saturday night of the early '70s at the Coliseum Ball Room in Benld, IL.

A freelance writer, a short piece of mine reflecting the Coliseum, The Guild's music, and the wild times was published in Flash Fiction Offensive in April of 2009. It's a favorite excerpt from my memoirs, but don't tell FFO. They think it's fiction.

So pleased to have found this website. Keep rockin'.

John Dietrich

May 15, 2010

I first saw The Guild in fall 1968, I think, at Bonaparte's Retreat in Carbondale. Over the next few years I saw them at Chances R, Panarama Lounge in Belleville, and of course Thursdays at CPB. I have always loved live music, and my wife and I still go to 10-12 concerts a year. But I must say that in forty-plus years, I have never heard a live group sound as clear, crisp and tight as The Guild at that time. I can only imagine how they would sound utilizing today's equipment.

I am reeally happy you started this website, and I hope as you build it you will incorporate more history, pictures, video[?], playlists, stories, etc. about The Guild years. If you ever consider doing a one-time reunion gig somewhere, just give me a little notice and I am there. I would gladly pay fifty bucks a ticket to hear Soul Shake, the Oldies, Beach Boys and Chicago medleys, Sidewalk Peptalk, Tommy Overture, etc. one more time!

Dan Neumann

May 12, 2010

I was at Collinsville Park Ballroom 75% of the Thursdays during the year of 1971.

You guys never made it to THE FARMHOUSE, but dozens and dozens of other people from CPB attended parties there. Since my "persona" has "matured" since then, I will not go into great detail....

I searched the Internet for "The Guild" in the past, without much luck. Great that you created this website.

Don't you have any videos from Collinsville Park? That would be great!


Barbara Sarro

April 30, 2010

I used to love going to Collinsville Park on Sundays and seeing The Guild, those guys were so incredibly talented!!!

Mike Bridgewater

April 27, 2010

Hi Rich,

I found your site on you tube. I can't tell you how excited I was !! I used to go see you and your brother when you played in The Guild here in Indianapolis IN at the Sherwood Country Club. The band was excellent and you always sounded great. I too am a musician and am still playing, usually with younger guys and I always tell them of the unmatched showmanship and quality you and the guys always showed every time I saw you, and it was a lot. You set a standard of quality I don't think I have ever seen surpassed in a live setting. I know how hard that must have been considering the quality of equipment in those days. Your website is great but I would recommend you set up a face book page for either you or the Guild, you would be surprised at the response you will get and the amount of hits your site will get because of it. And it would help you sell a lot more !! I know there are thousands that feel the same as I do but have not been as lucky as I was in finding your website.

That's my opinion and thanks for all the great memories!!!!!!!

Mike Bridgewater

James Mize

April 7, 2010

Rich, As a big fan of the Guild when they were playing the Benld Coliseum in the early seventies, I was thrilled to find your web site and all that it contained. I have already purchased and downloaded quite a bit music. I was wondering if Are You Old Enough, Good Christian Cowboy and Same Situation will be available for purchase in the future? Thanks, and keep up the good work! Jim mize
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